Today’s Lesson: The Universe Has a Sense of Humour

My first laughable moment of the day was when my house-mate came and showed me the receipt from the Asian Grocery Super-Store in Flemington.

Reciept From the Flemington Asian Grocery Store today.

My next comedic coincidence came from that annoying ad bar that runs down the side of Facebook. You know the one – random things with distracting pictures. The distracting picture which got my attention was the Rainbow Pride Flag. Nothing wrong with that, I am a big fan actually. It was an ad for gay email addresses like I only use the word ‘gay’ for it’s actual contemporary meaning, not as a derogatory term for something that’s flawed in some way.  Tangents aside, what made me laugh was the ad that had been placed underneath it. It was for the #1 Sermon Graphics site. The number one site for powerpoint graphics and fancy moving pictures and stuff to try to keep your herd of sheep awake on a cold (or hot if you’re up North) Sunday morning.

I regret that I can’t share the link for the gay email addresses as it’s been lost amongst the Buy Sexy Lingery Now, Stunning Diamond Rings, and oh-so-important Forensic Science Courses; or as I like to call them “Learn How to Evade the Law for only $116 at the University of Sydney Courses”.

I must say these ads are really suited to me! Look theres 1, 2– no 3 ways of reducing my unwanted abdominal fat, and when I’m all 6-pack-sexy I can indulge in either the Wink Wink Adult Clothing or Buy Stunning Corsets. Sigh… they even have the needs of my not-yet adopted kitten covered! I won’t have to worry about it’s abandonment issues when I go on holiday either.

Sorry I still can’t find the gay email addresses. Which is a pity given that the land of Lesbos seems more and more tempting each time any of my male friends makes an inappropriate cock joke. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with Sharing My Art Online (because I’ve never heard of a free Etsy account y’know) and shoe shopping for my size 10½ (42) feet.

Enjoy this side of me while it lasts – I forgot to take one of my meds this morning. Along with ‘seeing stars’ and random dizzyness I actually got back parts of my personality it suppresses. Don’t worry, I’ve taken it now and will be dutifully sedated for the safety of others and myself.

Psychologically yours,

♥ Diane (Di-Yuan)


About sweetypiedie

Sweetypiedie is creative, articulate, compassionate and introspective. Connecting with people is important. Expressing oneself is vital. Her goal is to be a creative force for positive change. Welcome to her portal.
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5 Responses to Today’s Lesson: The Universe Has a Sense of Humour

  1. Rebecca aka 4smartmonkeys says:

    Congrats on the blog! I had a good laugh this morning, thanks 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. sweetypiedie says:

    🙂 Thanks Rebecca. Your encouragement is really appreciated.

  3. damilola says:

    Dear Di-Yuan !

    Despite that fabulouse name you also knew exactly what he bought 😉 Never saw a more significant receipt !!! LOL It is somehow like a fortune cookie….

    I am already looking forward to read more from you , your art and daily life.
    Thanks for starting this block !

    Happy swapping as well 🙂

  4. sweetypiedie says:

    I have just been informed that ‘Yuan’ in Chinese means ‘Round’… not laughing so hard now. Yes, it’s also the word they use for their currency, probably because coins are round.
    I’m not sure what ‘Di’ means though… it could be a round purse for all I know. (Full of money!) .
    Thanks to Google I’ve just discovered that ‘Di’ in fact means Emperor!
    So I am now the Round Emperor! Or I could be the Emperor of Money!

    Oh, and if you’re in New York I don’t recommend the Di Yuan Karaoke place on Roosevelt Avenue (if it’s still there!) thanks to this blog post.

    😛 邸吁鹌

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