Over the Rainbow

Over the rainbow are hopes and dreams
Of all of the folk that remain unseen.
The fairies, the elves and the angels are there
Away from your eyes and the uncomfortable stares.
Over the rainbow they meet to talk and plan
How to help each child, each lady and man.
Some will protect people from harm,
Others will help the growth of a farm.
The ones who are with me, they never tire,
Bringing me creativity and thoughts to inspire!

© sweetypiedie 2010

Inspiration comes in the strangest of places. Today it came from entering a competition on the Green Eyed Monster to win a Rainbow Stack from All Things Simple. If I did win it would most likely be a special Christmas gift for my BFF’s little boy.

I do seem to have a knack for rhyming couplets lately. Maybe I’m channeling Dr. Suess?

Phonetically yours,

♥ Sweetypiedie

P.S. I found the competition via the Etsy Giveaways blog. Which is a great place to find creative people, as well as some free stuff.


About sweetypiedie

Sweetypiedie is creative, articulate, compassionate and introspective. Connecting with people is important. Expressing oneself is vital. Her goal is to be a creative force for positive change. Welcome to her portal.
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6 Responses to Over the Rainbow

  1. Belinda says:

    Dear Di Yuan,

    Hey, I like your blog! Very cool! Okay, consider this one of your August wishes on MN…not that I’m cheap or anything!! LOL! I’ll definitely be checking out your blog regularly so keep it interesting (but stay on your meds!)!!


  2. sweetypiedie says:

    LOL – thanks Belinda. Don’t worry I’m back on the meds and all is going smoothly. 🙂
    Thanks for checking back in the future. The plan is to post something every day or every second day at least.
    If nobody else gets any wishes this month I might feel a little bad for making it so easy.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Very cool poem. Poetry isn’t my thing but I do write a mean letter! I wish I had that talent. My mom can write both actually! I am an RN and many moons ago,I cared for a baby who had a horrible brain infection and had been brought home to die. When she passed, my mom wrote a poem for the family and we put it in the newspaper on the 1 year anniversary too. You can read it on my blog. http://eclecticendeavours.blogspot.com/2009/01/in-my-heart.html

  4. Ingrid Tiffe says:

    Dr Suess and rhyming couplets are a big part of my life at the moment as I have a 4 year old. So great poem.
    Also I shall have to check out the Etsy Giveaways. I do try to stay away from things like Etsy because times disappears there. But you have managed to twist my rubber arm.

    • sweetypiedie says:

      I seem to have a knack for the Rhyming couplets. 🙂 They just form like clouds in my head.

      Sorry it’s taken me forever to get back to you. Very rude of life to get in the way of what I want to do, but health is important and without it I have nothing.

      Etsy is a great time-consumer indeed. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments Ingrid.

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