Painting Details…

I know you are all probably sick of this one by now but I really would like to show the finished, dry painting here. It is something which was a challenge for me and I am allowing myself to be proud of this. I worked hard on it and I will probably not fully relax until I know it has safely reached its destination.

My Interpretation of The Muses by Maurice Denis © 2010 sweetypiedie

Another reason to blog the full final version is so that my interstate family members can see it and so I will have a record of it if anything should happen to this computer. I promise I’ll blog about something else soon!

♣ Sweetypiedie ♣


About sweetypiedie

Sweetypiedie is creative, articulate, compassionate and introspective. Connecting with people is important. Expressing oneself is vital. Her goal is to be a creative force for positive change. Welcome to her portal.
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4 Responses to Painting Details…

  1. Kris says:

    Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. I think your painting is fantastic! I really like your blog – I’m going to bookmark it so I can come back and read more. hugs Kris

  2. Lovely painting. I think it’s great to learn from the masters – I copied a Matisse ages ago, and learned so much – and recently I did a sunflower painting using the palette of colours that van Gogh used. It’s great training. You should be proud of this!

    • sweetypiedie says:

      Thank you Anna, I am quite proud! I am hoping to do more interpretations in future. 🙂

      Apologies for the huge delay in replying. My health has been not so good. Just developed sciatica (on top of autoimmune disease).

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