Fishy Dude is still belly side down :)

I have had more time to read and research more about my Fishy Dude. It seems that my tank is only about 5.7L and the suggested minimum by an Aussie Fighting Fish Community is 10L. It also turns out that the plastic plant he loves hiding under is not good for him either.

I have at least done some things right – he has a lid over his head and he has a filter, albeit an (un-livably) noisy one. It really is in Fishy Dude’s best interest for his carer to be sane enough to take care of him. For some reason he couldn’t get his mouth around the Betta pellets I bought (which they had been feeding him).  I tried crushing them up today instead which worked, but will lead to a messy tank much faster. Maybe he’ll grow a bit bigger and will be able to eat the pellets. Looking at them in the container there is a great difference in size of the individual pellets. 😦 How can you figure out what amount is optimum to feed your fish if the actual amount is different each time? Maybe the Americans who the pellets were made for have fish with bigger mouths? 😛

I think a fair chunk of my birthday present budget is going to go towards getting Fishy Dude set up in a better environment. I just want him to be happy and to be a good fish-mother. Hopefully the anxiety of being wholly responsible for another life will settle down soon. I’m just afraid that if I didn’t do something right it could harm him, or even kill him.

I can’t imagine how a new parent would feel. Mind you they would have had at least 7-8 months of knowing that their baby was coming into the world to prepare. Unlike me on my self-righteous fish-saving mission. Maybe caring for your own species is easier… maybe not given how some humans behave.

Hopefully this week I can finalise my Fishy Wishies and get a better set-up organised. Maybe the tank I have now would be ok for a few neon tetras? Maybe it isn’t so bad afterall. I’m really not sure. I did have aspirations of putting some tetras in there with him but not it seems cruel in a space that is already too small for him.

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2 Responses to Fishy Dude is still belly side down :)

  1. Ingrid Tiffe says:

    It sounds like you are really trying with this fish. I have learnt from experience what works for one doesn’t work for another. My daughter and I have one who is named Red(after One Fish, Two fish, RED fish). We did have Blue also but we put him in the filtered tank and he didn’t survive. RED lives in a fishbowl in the living room and seems to be thriving.

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