Altered Journals & Journal Jars

Recently I have been in some swaps around journaling. Journaling is good for me because it helps me to order my thoughts. In order write things down I need to organise the abstract concepts and emotions within me into words, sentences, paragraphs and complete pieces of writing with a beginning, middle and end. This is also one of the reasons that I blog. I want  to document my journey and share it with others. I want to see how ideas and creative concepts evolve. I want to see my progress in a visual way, as well as in words. By having a blog it encourages me to document what I do, much as my flikr account did in a more purely visual way.

Mission statements aside, I want to share one of my projects, the Journal Jar swap. This swap called for a journal jar, 100 journaling prompts and an altered journal. A Journal Jar is, funnily enough, a jar used for journaling. The basic purpose of the jar is to hold journaling prompts written onto pieces of paper that can be selected randomly to stimulate a journal entry. Other than meeting the basic requirements I wanted these items to reflect the personality and tastes of the recipient as well as inspire them to want to use them. On swap-bot each person has a profile. You can see mine as an example here. From their profile you can see what colours they love, what crafts they’re into, what sort of animals they love and sometimes you can even ‘meet’ members of their family. Firstly I looked at colours – blue and green. Then creative passions- one of them was knitting. Here are the results:

The Journal Jar was designed to go with the journal but I wanted it to be able to stand alone as a functional and beautiful object. I had never tried glass painting before. I was thinking about doing it for this swap but the thought of investing in new, potentially expensive materials put me off. While looking through the craft section of the local Tek’s (dollar store) I saw that they had some Mont Marte glass paint at a reasonable price. With a tight budget even reasonably priced supplies have to be considered. I justified it based on the fact that I had a specific use for it. I am really glad that I decided to invest in them. They really made it special. Here is the finished journal jar:

As you can see in the last picture, I have printed the 100 journal prompts on paper which complements the journal. If the recipient pastes them in when writing they will have some nice splashes of colour throughout the book.

I am happy to say that all of the effort I put into this swap was greatly appreciated. The hardest part of the swap was coming up with 100 prompts that weren’t either cliched, over-used or irrelevant. I am glad I was able to make something so individual in content and design.

♥ Sweetypiedie ♥


About sweetypiedie

Sweetypiedie is creative, articulate, compassionate and introspective. Connecting with people is important. Expressing oneself is vital. Her goal is to be a creative force for positive change. Welcome to her portal.
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2 Responses to Altered Journals & Journal Jars

  1. Emjie says:

    The Journal Jar is a fantastic concept. You have made a wonderful package with the jar and journal.
    On another note it is good keeping a journal. If I didn’t have a book to doodle in, my brain would implode. My head keeps filling up with new ideas which then need to be released.

    • sweetypiedie says:

      Thank you – I wish I could say it was my own idea but it’s not. The person who received this was rather happy with it and that makes me happy. 🙂

      I have a journal but I also have a smaller book that I keep in my handbag for those ideas that spring up on the train or while sitting in a cafe. I find that if I don’t write them down I will forget.

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