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Summer for a Smart Man

It is Summer here in Sydney and the weather yesterday was lovely for a friend’s birthday picnic. Just the right sort of place to lay back in the arms of your Man with a luscious picnic full of goodies from … Continue reading

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A Skinny Giraffe In Chaos

You may be thinking “Aren’t all Giraffes skinny?” Why yes, they are – they obviously don’t have access to the sort of choc-covered honeycomb that I do! But I am talking about a different kind of Skinny. For the uninitiated, … Continue reading

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Over the Rainbow

Over the rainbow are hopes and dreams Of all of the folk that remain unseen. The fairies, the elves and the angels are there Away from your eyes and the uncomfortable stares. Over the rainbow they meet to talk and … Continue reading

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Today’s Lesson: The Universe Has a Sense of Humour

My first laughable moment of the day was when my house-mate came and showed me the receipt from the Asian Grocery Super-Store in Flemington. My next comedic coincidence came from that annoying ad bar that runs down the side of … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Yes I’ve finally set up a grown-up style blog. Hanging with the kids in LJ-land was getting a bit tired. Here I plan to express myself, be creative and link with like-minded souls.

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